Sunday, May 3, 2015


Last day of April, an old Swedish celebration called Valborgsmässoafton. Witch craft, fire and a lot of drunk people if I would make a very short summary of what this tradition represent.

This year it was very windy and pretty cold so we decided to give the big public outdoor fire and fireworks a miss and instead enjoyed a nice warm fire inside at my mothers summerhouse. Loren tried to recovery from a nasty cold with a good book, honey, lemon and paracetamol. I tried to sit and do as little as possible hoping the baby would want to enter the world. And Mila enjoyed hanging out with mormor and Sofie at a horse show. Also we took the opportunity to take our pony Spot for some nice hacks in the forrest. Spot is 35 years young and still full of energy and happy to have a new little rider ( normal ponies are lucky if they make it to 25...) Mila was super excited and managed very well on this crazy old pony and I managed to walk in his power speed to make sure little rider would be safe and sound. Even pappa Loren enjoyed the pony experience. Good slow weekend but disappointing no sign of the baby wanting to come out and join us!

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