Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back in Sweden and update from Lundsätter

Me and the kids came back to Sweden from Moscow a couple of weeks ago.
Mila missed her friend and activities and so did I. Winter is not so easy as it has a lot of limitations a specialy in our neighbourhood in Moscow. A lot of snow fell and even if we have lots of dedicated full time snow cleaners they never managed to get the roads clean so I could walk with the stroller probably and with Filip being so small I need him tucked in the stroller when we are outside in the cold. Also as though you might think Russians are when it comes to cold and kids they are extremly careful and so it is very hard to meet up with other kids in the area as they are being kept warm inside. I will write more about coultral difference also that I have experienced in an other post.

So we are here at Lundsätter. Mila got bright and happy coming back and are enjoying seeing friends and family. Here is an update illustration I made last week.
- Mila has got a ballerina dress that she wants to wear all the time... Not very convienient when it is still cold and snow outside
- Filip I am sure is growing a couple of cm during the night. He is also developing so fast now. I am proud but a little disapointed.. He can say pappa, tack ( thanks) making the movements to itsy bits spider and is using the potty successfully before he is even trying to say mamma!!!! I mean shouldnt mamma be THE first word ?! And finaly a small tooth has seen the light.
- Levis the cat is happy having kids back. They love him. And he loves to wake us up 6 in the morning and I am stupid enough to let him stay inside when I know he does this to me as a thank you. 

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