Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Colorful and home made

I have been sewing a lot lately. It is my evening and night activity. I have been buying new cool colorful and mainly ecological fabrics here in Sweden. Filip has got a lot of colorful tights as I find clothing for boys in the stores very dull and boring. Why so much dark colors with cars and trains for boys ? My strategy is to buy plain light bodies and matching them with colorful fun pattern tights that I make myself. Only problem he is growing so fast that I have to keep up with my production for him.  

Also I was so happy to make it to big sewing fair in Stockholm last week. Nothing really that I havn't seen before but it was a good day out and I did some shopping of funky eco materials. For example the strawberry tights below from JNY I found very nice and cherful and keeps me dreaming of summer.

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