Monday, March 14, 2016

Chasing the spring all the way to Spain

Great feeling complete Team Nikolovski collected and ready for adventures down to Spain and costa del sol to find the missing sun and spring weather. Moscow and Swedish winter has been kind of hard this year ( like every year..) We flew to Malaga and from there rented a car going to my mother & her husband's house in Puerto Banus. First time we saw the house in real life and it was very nice and fancy as expected. Cute neighbourhood on the so called Swedish hill close to the Swedish shop with Swedish TV chanels and even Swedish radio in the car we rented. I can't really get my head around the need but I guess same same but different during my in total around 12 years abroad I had my ways to get what I needed from Sweden also. When I moved the first time 2001 to Holland the internet was not everywhere like today and therefore no SVTplay nor newspapers online or even Facebook. It is even hard to imagine today. My best friend was send me letters and my mum and dad was sending sweets and magazines every other week. My grandmother was recording Sweden's most popular series on TV "Rederiet" "Skilda Världar" & "Sen kväll med Luuk" on VHS and sending it down to me every week. Occasional we also did trips to IKEA to get some stuff from the Swedish shop there. Over the years and being intergrated in the countries I have lived in I have say I don't have the same need for Swedish products at least. But with internet I have the opportunity to consume swedish TV, news, magazines and follow blogs which is great and has really made me feel that I can get the best of two worlds. Just some thoughts but enough about this and back to our vacation.

 Mila was super happy to she her mormor and was very clear that she wanted to stay in Spain forever and Filip was so excited to see the pool and insisted on splashing in the water although it was waaay to cold for my taste even to dip a toe. Mila has also been looking forward to swim in the pool for weeks and packed her swimsuit by herself I did try to tell her that that might not happen but that she of course could try. She even asked me to draw her picture of the trip where she and her grandmother are swimming. No big deal says me who is not a big water lover anyways she can swim next time. The light and the sun was great for us northen people who is slowly getting out of winter hibernation. Mila was running around playing horse, telling mormor all about all and nothing, talking to the very lame cat that she named Bella and playing with a big plastic dolphin in the sun in the garden from morning to evening. Me and Loren managed to get out doing some good walking. We enjoyed tapas and sangria and Rioja. Checking out Puerto Banus beach collecting shells. Great time.
After a few days we said thank you and waved bye bye heading to Malaga. We (Or actually I will give Loren all credit on this) had rented a great 100 sqm apartment in super cute central area of Malaga. Great big genuine food maket only a few meters in one direction, cute square with play area also only 2 minutes in other direction and cute streets without cars right outside our doorstep. I have been in Malaga a few times before but never really got that impressed but this time I fell in love totally and want more. Mila was walking the streets like she belonged there and she was asking how to say different things in spanish as she wanted to stay and make friends there... Hmmm kind of trick as my spanish is very limited to Hola and gracias and por favor. She even asked today before she fell asleep when we can move to Spain. Filip also enjoyed the trip very much. He is a very social little guy and in every restaurant he found old ladies that he could get full attention from and charm the socks of. It is amazing how such small person can be so social and find people everywhere to communicate with.
Great trip it was!

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