Thursday, September 13, 2012

A rainy Team building experience II

I will more in detail explain Team Nikolovski's climbing Giant Mountain experience in heavy rain and thick fog. Husband was a little skeptical at first as the rain was really pouring it down and not sure that it is clever to climb mountains with a wife carrying a 6 months big baby bump.. I was prepared and squeezed into rain gear from top bottom. Cute colorful rain jacket and trousers which I thought would be waterproof, but of course turned out to be everything but waterproof. As my husband says "if you pay peanuts you get peanuts" very true and a very wet lesson to learn in the middle of nowhere.. What I was thinking when I picked my white jogging shoes (to be clear jogging shoes which has never been for a jog and will never go for a jog, not with me anyway..) I can confirm these type of shoes are not waterproof what so ever and an extremley stupid choice...
My husband looked like a walking condom with a plastic cover wrapped around him. This plastic cover did more damage than good and worked as a water spreader which made sure his legs got soaking wet after only a few minutes.. My conclusion is that we need to invest in some good equipment before next time..

We enjoined the whole experience a lot even though the weather was shitty and we didn't manage to reach the top as it got a little too heavy to climb all the way up with this baby bump.. But we promised ourselves that we will do more of these kinds of activities in the future as it is such a great feeling. The greatest feeling is to come home and be super tired everywhere..

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