Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Czech driving and traffic is horror..

4 months has gone since we moved to Prague, Czech Republic. We are getting use to the life and the pulse here and we are enjoying it. No doubt it is a different lifestyle to live in a bigger city compared to Örebro, a middle sized Swedish town cute but pretty sleepy. Our new neighborhood here in Prague 5 is great, nature around the corner at the same time city center only 15 minutes away. From our balcony we can see the city in the horizon as it wakes up and goes to sleep. A city full of life with  different flavors and options, but where we are it is quiet and calm.
BUT there is something that we cant get use to and probably never will get use to...
The traffic behaviors!!!
Seriously Czech people turn into monsters behind the steering wheel. It doesn’t matter if they are sat in a new shiny or an old rusty vehicle, if it is a man or a woman, young or old, if they have passengers or no passengers, they simply use no logic or common sense...
Dangerous maneuvers and stupidities all the time.. Crossing full lines, squeezing in front of you, over take on weird places & driving up to close and pushing you to move out of their way..  Pushing you to go where when it is a long line of cars in front ?? Their behavoirs just doesnt make any sense..
This is very frustrating and it can turn any good mood into a bad and upset state of mind.. Actually it makes you super extremly super angry and you want to do shake and do bad things to stupid people..
I did of course have to make a comicstrip about the Czech traffic, to illustrate parts of what we experience daily..

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