Thursday, September 13, 2012

A rainy Team building experience..

Team Nikolovski has just got back from a trip to the Krkonose (Giants Mountain) National park located on the Meadow mountain plateau next to highest Czech mountain Snezka. Together with some of our colleagues the plan was to enjoy and team build out in the wild nature for a couple of days. We stayed in a mountain chalet with its own brewery and bakery, great beer and fresh bread in the middle of nowhere..
The previous days in Prague had been summer warm and sunny and even if we had seen the rough weather forecast the amount of rain and the radical temperature drop came as a chock...
Some people were more prepared than others to this weather conditions and also for the planned activity to climb Snezka. Looking around you could find everything from hardcore outdoor equipment with goretex, stakes and backpacks to shiny office shoes and blazer jackets (super non waterproof as you can imagine..)
Even though it was raining very heavy and the fog was thick we had a good trip and it is nothing better to get back tired, have a hot chocolate, get warm again and to fall asleep at home in the sofa...

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