Friday, September 21, 2012

Two sides of the same table

Friday gives a great feeling.
Work week is over and we are ready and excited for the weekend to start..We are tired and ready to relax.. To cork up a nice bottle of red wine is a great Friday activity.
We have collected some really nice bottles on our travels, they are looking good and tasty.
But at the moment there are two sides to the same table in the Nikolovski household.
One side that can enjoy the taste of the red drops
And one side that are only aloud to look, smell and try just a tiny drop or two
Weekend plans 
Team Nikolovski is spending weekend in the car going to Belgrade on Saturday and staying there over night. I am hoping we will get the chance to have a look around Belgrade before continuing our journey down to Skopje on Sunday. The car will be packed with presents to all Nikolovski relatives, neighbours and friends. A challenges to figure out what all the different people would appreciate and then find these things, but I think we managed without too much stress this time..
 We will stay in Skopje for a week and work from our office there, see relatives and friends, enjoy the food, going for a haircut and hopefully enjoy some nice warm weather and sunshine..

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