Thursday, October 4, 2012

Food food and more food

We have been fed with sooo much food during our trip. The Balkan food and the way of eating are amazing. It starts with meze containing cheeses, salad's, bread, aijvar, salami, ham, tomatoes and much more. At this face of the meal I am very hungry and there is so much nice, so I eat and I am every time eating too much. Seriously it looks like this is the main dish as it is so much food, but  this follows by a nice warm soup and more bread. This is also very good and after a portion I am really starting to get full full. Don't think this is the end, oh no here comes the main dish or dishes I should say. I have no room for more food but it smells and looks so good that I have try to make extra room and continue to eat. A big piece of a very tasty homemade cake finishes the meal of. By this time I can feel that I have eaten far too much and that the food coma soon will kick in. The question is why the hell I don't learn to eat more sensible in the beginning in order to be able to last all the way to the end without getting stuffed? On the other hand I can't stand people who are thinking too much about consequences when enjoying good well-made food, and I surely don't want to ever become one of them. So I guess this means that I just have deal with the coma or maybe practice makes perfect.
On top of all the food we have eaten during last week, we also got supplied with a lot of home-made aijvar, jams, pita and raki to take with us back to Prague.
Thank you all for taking such good care of us!

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