Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Iphone bubble

IPhone is a marketing phenomenon with around 37 million units sold worldwide.
Team Nikolovski is not one of them fallen for the phenomena.
 In matter of fact the whole phenomena is so absurd and feels more like a sect than anything else. IPhone has taken marketing and branding to a new level and has managed to create a new buyer-seller relationship. New factors seems to be driving the demand and supply, where the consumers are more than willing to wait long time for new releases as they are caught up in the world of Nextopia. Nextopia where our expectations of what are coming will be so much better then today lives. IPhone has created an exclusive feeling including gadgets and aps that will entertain it's users at all time.

As an outsider the whole thing looks so bizarre. I have never seen people so proud of a technical device before. They hold them, touch them and can hardly stop looking at them. IPhone people are so proud to be an IPhone user that they feel no shame in playing with their IPhones while having dinner or discussions. There are games to be played, aps to be used, new photo features to test and it is all very peculiar. Have people lost their common sense through a simple product? Do people have to hide behind the newest technology? Is this status? What is it that I don't understand? 

On top of all this weird behaviors that I  don't understand is an ethical dilemma regarding Iphone production. The IPhone is an expensive product which helps to create this feeling of exclusiveness. People are willing to pay for their status and material well-being. This brings more and higher revenues to the company and they are greedy. Their greediness has decided to have products produced in China where labor is cheap. The Chinese workers producing IPhones are to be blunt treated like shit. They work under poor conditions, long hours, unreasonable targets with no incentives and no vacation or time off for national holidays. Suicides have been reported and last week they tried to catch the consumer's attention by striking. But they don't see them and they don't hear them!!

It seems to be no news value in that they are suffering and need the western world to react. I looked through the big Swedish Newspaper last week for articles about the Chinese IPhone factory striking, but all I could find was a small notice in one out of four papers. I am naïve and I thought Sweden stood behind and believed in fair treatment and human rights. Pretending and choosing when to care and care when it will gain us is my conclusion.  Sweden has a very high population of proud IPhone users and of course it is better to keep the dirt in in the dark. Protect the greedy companies and let the swedes be proud of their IPhones, that is also human rights isn’t it !? But even if they do know they might be too proud of their IPhones and the happiness it brings them that they might look the other way. Would YOU look the other way? Do you look the other way?
Isn't it disgusting how companies can sell products to the highest prices when the production is under all criticism made in countries under dictatorship without any regulations for the workers? Doesn't that make consumers stupid for buying from their products? Or we simply don't care?

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