Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trip reflections

Skopje has really treated Team Nikolovski with great super warm October weather. 34 degrees in October is unusually even for Macedonia. We have had a good time even though it was very busy to work daytime and to have the chance to see family and friends at the evenings. The long trip and full schedule all week has got us to realize that it is time for me and baby bump to start to slow down a little. I am sure that the nice weather made our mini member to grow quit a lot last week.
 Our general feeling about Skopje is that they are trying hard to make it shine and that the city center is really looking extra ordinary with all the giant statues and new buildings. The diversity is radical, as beautiful the surrounding landscape and city center is as ugly some parts are. Also you can clearly see the diversity of the residence of Skopje. You can feel and smell all the different flavors like a mix of different spices. Some flavors are really not pretty at all and not all spices goes together very well but somehow in all the difference it works. Chaotic here and there but over all it works. Words that I have picked up from Macedonia are катастрофа (catastrophe) and nema chansa (not a chance). Maybe this is the key to why things somehow works, to accept that things are not perfect and to face it just as it is, pretty catastrophic and to express it load and clear.

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