Friday, September 6, 2013

Great friendship and a lot of blablabla

Let me tell you about Mr Nikolovski and his friend Adad. But where do I start? Do I start to tell you that they can discuss for hours what year, what month, what day and even what time they did certain things. Bigger events as well as smaller events. " I bought my last packet of cigarettes two weeks ago!" says Adad when they are having a discussion whether or not you can call yourself a none smoker when you smoke regular every time you have a beer. " No you didn't! You bought it one week and three days ago when we went to the cinema!" Says Mr Nikolovski with a great certainty. " Are you sure?" says Adad and starts to explain what he did earlier that same day he bought this particular packet of cigarettes that he is holding in his hand. And this is how they can go on and on and on for a while about the same thing over and over.

They discuss politics with a great passion and loud voices. They wave their hands as their voices are getting louder and louder. They speak about bio food, good food and non carb diets. They also cook and eat great food and enjoy it. They enjoy spirits ( way too strong spirits preferable home-made) and talk for a long time how good that particular drink was and whether or not it was better then the one they had last time. They love to watch science-fiction movies, scary movies, zombie movies and Lord of the rings type movies. The talk about them with such passion and think that I am stupid when I don't understand or appreciate these kind of movies. They also love arty movies and goes to festivals and are enjoying ever single scene although they don't always agree with one and another about the message of the movie, the performances or whether it was good or not.

They talk about dating and girls. They analyze girls and girls behavior in general and in specific Adad related cases. This is where I go to bed and leave these two wise-men to discuss women over and over. I might not be able to resist to listen to their thoughts when they think I am asleep, but don't tell them..I will not reveal more about their theories this time but I can tell you as much, it is very entertaining to hear their analyzes and action plans.

Mr Nikolovski and Adad can spend so much time and stay up all night to blablabla bla. Whoever said that girls can blablabla  have not met these two friends. They are amazing and really fun to watch and to hear. I am sure that I will share more about their blablabla in the future. Such a nice friendship!! Blablabla and hahaaha that's what friends are for, right!

As I am writing this they are out watching a new science fiction movie, drinking beer and discussing dating techniques.

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