Saturday, September 28, 2013

Latest interests

Mila is 9 month and 1 week exactly today. As a proud mother I use this forum to show off her new development ( you know I also promised myself not to do that before having a baby, but the need is just stronger then me....) She has really expanded her interests and recognizing objects that is fun to point out. Lamp ( lampa) is still of course most interesting and fun to point out, but now in competition with her two rubber ducks ( var är ankan?..) Stevie ( named after Stevie Wonder) & Whitney ( after Whitney Houston as she has a bodyguard looking scarf on) Airplanes ( flygplan) no wondering considering we live close to Prague airport and their route for the past few months has been straight over us ( according to Mr Nikolovski they should change direction very soon, but it never seems to happen..). I could write a long post about how annoying this fly route is but lets instead be happy that Mila likes airplanes and got to see them every few minutes and that it is very very convenient to live close to the airport. Last but now least in Mila´s great interest is dogs in all size, colors, form and shape. They have so many dogs here in Prague that it keeps her very busy to keep track of them all ( great as that keeps away her from getting extra super bored of being in her stroller..)


  1. Check it out runway was open yesterday, so MR. NIkolovski was right :-)

  2. Hi there anonymous team member. I must admit you seems to be right!! I havn't heard any airplanes nearly landing in our livingroom tonight.. Great news!!!