Friday, September 6, 2013

Vaction edition 2013

For a long time we just couldn't make up our minds where to go for vacation this year. We discussed, came with some different ideas and suggestions. And then no decision. Croatia was on top of our list as we really enjoyed our vacation there last year and the year before. But we just didn't fancy driving for two days. Felt like we have already been there and done that with great success this year to Budapest and Vienna. Now we wanted something easier. After scanning the travel catalogs over a glass of red we finally made a decision.
Greece, Rhodos, Charter, all inclusive here we come !!
Really ?! charter, all inclusive? If someone had told me ten years ago that I would go charter I would have laughed load and said "NO way boldy!" as I am way too adventures for charter.  But everything has it time as my mother says.
I have inter-railed through Europe, slept in a dirty toilet in Barcelona train-station and in a even dirtier room on top of a pub in Amsterdam's red light district. I have traveled all over Europe in horse-boxes ( big trucks made for horses and humans, like a big caravan with room for big pets..) to fancy horse-shows and less fancy horse-shows. Fancy hotels and less fancy hotels, well planned vacations and less planned vacations. Gone North, south, east and west. But I have never before been on a charter. I have seen movies about it though and yes I did have a few prejudice.
But I was so wrong..We have had a great, fantastic, fantastic vacation!!
The hotel was nice and clean (although furniture and decorations was from early 90ths) Fantastic, fantastic nice, fresh, tasty food. Beautiful pool right outside and the warm Mediterranean sea a few more steps away.Fantastic fantastic Mini disco for Mila. She is a very small person indeed but she knows what she likes and she likes mini disco alot. Everything was so convenient and we liked it a lot. The whole team has enjoyed vacation 2013 and had a relaxing time with a lot of swimming and reading. 
Rhodes gave us a great feeling and we can't wait to come back and to explore more.

Of course I also managed to do a few illustrations. I had so many models that I just couldn't resist to draw. My view from my beach chair.

Yeah they really kept ordering Pina colada left, right and center. I don't get it.. What is wrong with a cold beer a hot day??

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