Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playground beer

Today me and a friend took our little girls to a new playground here in Prague. A big soft carpet to practice standing and crawling. Different toys to play with. Relax area. Big slide and swing set. Cute place. Everything was creatively hand made and not so plastic as other play places I have been to. I am sure you can find this kind of places in most countries.
But I am not sure that they all serve beer, wine and cocktails in the bar. At least in Sweden you can forget about it. In Sweden the strongest you can get is a coffee and there they talk about mothers who heavily consume cafe latte while being on maternity leave "latte morsor". Here in Czech republic Pilsner/Staropramen/Slatopramen, you-name-it-pramen mothers. Great idea is it not? I am sure the playground will be much more fun after a couple of beers. Can you imagine it.. Mothers laughing, talking load, running around, crawling, sliding down the slide in crazy poses after a few drinks. Who said that the playground are all for the babies to have fun?  Here in Czech republic they really know how to make us mothers happy, no wonder most are home for three to five years..
Me being a Swede and my friend who is German/Japanese stuck to the latte.. But next time who knows...

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