Friday, February 6, 2015

Memory Illustration from week 5

  • On a snowy day me and Mila went to the Swedish school to go sledging and drink hot chocolate with fellow swedes. Funny how the outdoor plastic cups ( skogsmulle kåsa) still looks the same as when I was a kid. Mila was happy after one time down the hill and told me that I could go by myself next time....
  • On our Thursday eating dinner out day Mila from out of the blue thanked the waiter in perfect Russian "Spasiba!" and there me and my two year old are on the same level of Russian knowledge...
  • Loren has been practice counting with Mila & on the way home the other day she pulled of her glove very determined (only -5 outside) and counted perfectly her little fingers in English and then Swedish (her granddad who is professor in Mathematics will be pleased with this progress soon ready for algebra..)
  • My baby bump is getting bigger and bigger, week 26 now I think ( with Mila I knew exactly what week and read everything about each weeks development and this time I read nothing) I start to feel like a waggling duck and the socks are harder and harder to put on. 

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