Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Moscow in bright February sunlight

And so came the most beautiful February day along, with the strongest and brightest winter sun
The feeling of being privileged came over me as I walked along Moscow river
Privileged to be able to experience and explore life in a city and country which I never even thought I would even visit. A city and country with a long history which is very unknown to me. 
Every place has something to offer I think and to be able to explore what Moscow has to offer good and bad is something I am enjoying more and more as time is passing and I am feeling more comfortable and home here. The sun helps of course! So maybe I will love Moscow by the time the summer comes. 

We live close to Gorky Park, Moscow's central park of culture and leisure, only 15 min walk from our apartment. During the winter you can find Russia and Europe's largest ice skating rink here, 59 000 Sq feet. Also great café's and fun play grounds for the kids. I can't wait to see the park in the spring as I believe the park is much more used during the summer season. You can read more here about Gorky Park

Me and Mila enjoyed the sun, the snow and watching babushka's feeding squirrels in the park yesterday. Warmed up in my for now favorite café, 8 Oz with coffee and soup. Mila fell a sleep after and I could stroll along the river looking at art stands outside the exhibition hall. 

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