Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some pictures from Team Nikolovski Home

Here is some pictures from our Moscow home.
We live on Shabolovka street in a small complex of 4 pretty tall buildings. And everything you need you have in reach within these buildings. Small shop which we use more frequent then we would ever dream off, like an extra fridge. Yoga and kids studio which I am planning to utilize but still haven't. Hairdresser and beauty saloon. Dental cosmetic clinic and ski shop ( I know very random..)  We live in building 2. Our building has 20 floors and amazing view over Moscow center from the top, so I have seen on Instagram, we live pretty close to the ground and have a horrible view over a factory on one side and new very tall fancy colorful building complex on the other side which is still under construction.

Our dinner table next to the kitchen.
The built in art work window that I hated when we moved in I am slowly starting to not only get use to but actually like

I like our kitchen and especially this part with open cupboard where I can have colorful kitchen belongings. 

Living-room part where I have made a colorful collage frame wall on the theme destinations close to our heart mixed with some of my art work

Mila I think has the best room in the apartment with lots of windows. 

Master bedroom connects to great wardrobe, office and bathroom like an apartment in the apartment.

My favorite spot is of course my work space which I have decided to keep central and in connection to the kitchen and where the light is. I think me and Mila spend majority of our day here when we are inside. She also has a play corner here. 

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