Monday, February 2, 2015

On the same topic again..

I know I know I have already made an illustration on this great topic, how to get a 2 year old to dress everything that is needed to go outside, not that long ago. Nice with Winter says some. Can't wait for spring says others. I am somewhere in the middle and it changes from day to day and from hate to love for this season (Normally mostly hate but the sun was shining today so my mood is influenced by this phenomena). Obviously winter or the winter clothing gives me great inspirations in my latest illustrations as you can see..

Here i will reveal my special technique how to get Mila to agree to get dressed or at least to compromise with me on something appropriate for the season to dress in. After the standard emotional process of asking, begging, bribing and threatening without any success. I remember about her hand-doll cats that she LOVES. I put my hand in them and make my voice as nice and soft as I can after being pretty upset like 2 seconds ago... And yes whatever the cat ask her to to do she does without any complains. It is like magic!

These cats Mila fell in love with in a small store downtown Prague it was like everything around her stopped for a minute when she saw them for the first time. They are handmade in Czech Republic yes  and yes they are super not very convenient to travel all over the world with as they can not be washed easily (head base is made out of paper) and yes they were pretty overpriced but they help me soooo much that I would be happy to pay the double and to hand wash them very carefully (maybe one day) The white one is more grey then white these days and they don't smell like flowers but I am starting to love them as much as Mila does.

Will I give her some mental issues later on in life with this cats I have no idea.. And I wonder if the cat trick will help even when she will become an teenager ?!

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