Friday, May 13, 2016

Filip turning 1 year

Last week was a busy and fun week here at Lundsätter. Loren drove together with 3 friends our car from Moscow to Sweden. Road-trip from Moscow to Riga and from Riga ferry over to Stockholm. They arrived to Lundsätter on Tuesday just in time to enjoy the warm sunny spring weather ( actually more summer temperatures with 23 degrees)
Started with taking the gang for nice walk and ride. Mila was thrilled to have not only pappa here but also Adad, Igor & Gazzan to show them how she rides Puzzle. The following day we all went to Örebro for nice lunch and play down town. The nice spring weather was truly amazing and we could enjoy having lunch and dinner outside. Our patio is the best investment ever as it is like an extended living-room where we can hang out on nice days like this. On the Friday we had arrange a BBQ party to celebrate Filip´s first birthday. Friends and family came out and we had a great time although as always when throwing a party not so much time as a host to sit and enjoy even though we had great help organizing all the food and drinks. I can't believe that Filip is already turning .. How fast this year has passed it is crazy. On the Sunday we continue to celebrate Filip with starting the day with having him christening in our very beautiful church here in Vingåker. Great ceremony with choir and good atmosphere. Family from my side was collected and came out for lunch and cake after. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us.
It was busy but fun days and we had so much help over the days. I got spoiled having help with cleaning up the kitchen, making great food, garden work and taking care of the kids. If all guest were like this I would have people staying all the time. Kids are super happy when Loren is here and of course sad when he has to back to Moscow to work. Filip is such pappa boy and it is so cute to see how he only wants pappa to take care of him when he is here and first thing in the morning reaches for him. Mila is pappa's princess and are shining extra when he is here. I hope we soon can all be in one place all the time. I am proud how we manage to stay strong and make this work even though it is hard to be apart so much. 

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