Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garden spring clean

I have been busy with spring cleaning the garden lately. Less time for indoor creativity and more time for pure hard working projects in the garden. And I like it alot especially now when I am starting to see the resluts. I had a target this year to clean up behind the house where my dad has been storing all sorts of good to keep building materials in the nature. Roof tiles, pipes, plate, wood, styrofoam blocks etc etc. Material that has been laying there for 15-20 years and as you can imagine not a pretty sight although everything kept with good intetions that it will come in handy one day. But enough is enough. I wanted to get it done before the grass starts to grow or become too warm so the snakes wakes up. Every spare minute when Filip has had his daily nap or got help from my dad to take him I have been carrying, digging and fixing outside. At fist it did feel like a mission impossible to clear out and organize everything but slowly but surely I am getting there.
I am proud of my work I have to say and now I am ready to start to focus on real garden work with planting.

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