Friday, May 13, 2016

Writers block

I am in a phase where I am not getting around to update my blog. The internet is pretty bad out here in the forest. My computer is still in Moscow and I am borrowing my dads at the moment and we are not getting along that great. I have been busy with garden projects and before that stair project inside and many other things. But maybe the biggest reason is that I have writers block or maybe more asking myself why am I blogging and for whom am I writing. After doing some serious thinking I have come to following conclusion.I am updating and want to keep updating my blog because:
  1. I have such a crappy memory and by using my blog as a journal I will capture feelings, events, memories etc which I have noticed is gold worth especially as the kids are growing up so fast.
  2. It is away for me to sit down switch my brain on and activate my writing skills and use my English in written form. Maybe even thinking it would be good to also write in Swedish sometimes. I mean other then here I don't really have the chance to write much more then messages and emails. And I have always loved to write stories, articles etc. 
  3. Best inspiration when I am sitting drawing and painting is to know that I will use my illustration in a concept together with my texts 
So I have the answer. I will get back into being more active as it has so many benefits for me and that is what matters.

Here is a memory illustration I made back in February that I found and realized that I have not written down anywhere what is going on in the picture. It is me super proud mamma with such clever small boy who is using potty successfully since the minute he could sit stable. He is also a master in doing the movements of itchy bitsy spider and happily clapping hands to if you happy and you know it clap your hands. Pointing at everything he wants while his big sister is running around being a unicorn or a flying Pegasus. 

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