Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stockholm and how to become Swedish

It feels like ages ago last time I went up to Stockholm and so I decided it was time to get out of the forrest and head to the city. I love the energy from city and need a good combination of city and country yes I do think I have written about that before. However as much as I need that combination I also get use to country life and kind of forget I really need the other source of energy. And when I get a dose of city I go "ahhhh yes this is just what I needed" and then I will be extra happy to go home to my garden and continue to sow seeds and plant flowers.
I went up with my dad who anyways was going up to work and didn't mind to fill up his car with a cookie monster  ( great with crumbs in the seats...) 3,5 year old who used up all her mammas surf on the phone watching Youtube. A 1 year old who was complaining (read screaming) refused to fall asleep for about 1 hour of the journey which feels like hundred years and I was even considering jumping off anywhere and walking back home... Me I  was driving, trying to keep the peace in the car and drinking coffee. We managed 2/3 of the trip in good atmosphere and so that is classed as a success.  But we did end up a little later then planned so my dad droped us and continued to his job and my mother came to pick us up.

Mila has been longing for her grandmother asking for "when are we going to see my little mormor?!" Since we got here they have been hanging out in the garden, playing with Molly the crazy puppy, taking a bath in the hot tub, eating a ton of strawberries with whipped cream, going on a sky-bar attraction, riding escalators and playing memory game. And yes of course Mila has taken good care of aunty Sofies barbie horses, I think it is around 65 barbie horses saved in boxes here and every single one of them has a name AND Sofie still remember all the names.

Surprise was that Loren managed to find a good ticket for Friday evening to join us here in Stockholm. And that gave me a chance to fix a surprise for him a couple of days before his birthday. Mormor offered to take care of the kids and I found I perfect Comedy show "How to become Swedish in 60 minutes" who had premier Yesterday. We headed down-town and walked through a  busy Stockholm hand in hand (no stroller, no kid on the shoulders...) . We had dinner and beer at the Theatre bar before the show. The show was great and well worth to see and the Islandic comedian had really managed to capture some significat signs for Swedishness and Swedish behaviour. After we enjoyed another drink before heading back to the kids who had had just as great evening as us with mormor and Göran.

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