Sunday, November 11, 2012

Celebration and just another day

Today is Team Nikolovski's wedding anniversary. My best and most important yes of all yes's and the best decision in my life. My real life started when I met You. It is like going to the Cinema. Before the real movie starts it is commercial and trailers. Sometimes you feel like it goes on forever but at the same time it is an important part of the whole experience. The commercial and trailer part can be fun,stupid, entertaining and confusing. Then the lights gets turned off and the red curtains close for a short while before they slide open and with great load music the movie you have come to see is starting. The movie takes your breath away and takes you on an adventure and to new experiences you never have experienced before. The movie of my life started when I met my You!

We don't believe in special celebrations as everyday together is just as important and worth to celebrate. Today is Sunday a grey grey Sunday and we are having a relaxing day at home. Baking homemade pizza and watching nice movie, I cant think on a better way to spend a grey Sunday and anniversary.

Today is also fathers-day in Sweden. Why celebrate this commercial day? Your dad is your dad everyday all year around, and for me my dad is just as important and the best dad today as every other days. I know he knows that but I guess just to make sure I made this card specially for him. And if he was here he could come around for pizza and movie, but he is welcome every Sunday.

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