Friday, November 9, 2012

Confusion in the baby jungle

Are Team Nikolovski prepared for a mini member and new challenges? or maybe more like it have we understood that we are only a few weeks in front of new challenges and a mini member? I would frankly say: "not really" or "as much as one can be prepared." I have done research what is needed, but there is sooo much stuff and things. We have taken our first steps into this baby-shop world. A crazy world and shops I have never even noticed before. Not sure I even knew they existed, maybe they didn't exist before!? They are huge and contains baby related products high and low. Products I don't know how and where to use them. A new world.

Just take baby strollers as an example. There are millions different types. Four wheels, three wheels, big wheels, small wheels, turning wheels and many many other weird wheel combinations. Black, blue, red, green, pink and all the rest of all the colors in the world. Hundreds of different handlebars, materials, designs and price levels. How the hell are we expected to know what we want and what we need?
Mr Nikolovski is not only my husband he is also an engineer and was therefore appointed and responsible stroller quality and purchase manager. After spending hours in this stroller jungle we now have a German designed and manufactured stroller parked in the cellar ready for Prague adventures.
But this is just the start, there is so many more decisions to take and products to buy. I am sure you even need a Master degree to be able to buy a simple baby bottle in the right size and material.

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