Friday, June 17, 2016

Falling out with a wardrobe

We had this big wardrobe for all our cloths... This wardrobe pissed me off for the last time last week. Me and my dad tried to fix the problem with the doors once and for all. We spent 40 min trying to figure out the issue and then we lost it. Looked at each other and unison said "let's get rid of it!!" With screwdriver, crowbar and hard work we dismantled and carried the wardrobe out in pieces. Yes it felt good until I realized what a mess we had created. Cloths EVERYWHERE and nowhere to place them now... So we started next project to make shelves in the sauna which is a small room with a lot of cloths more then a sauna.. Squeeze in closet and It is as pretty as it sounds.. At the same time I also started project to build shelves in the kids corner down stairs and to reorganize the small room where the wardrobe got pulled out from. Can you imagine the mess... I was cursing myself why do I always start big moving around projects like this and how the hell will I manage to get things back in order.. Luckily the kids cooperated pretty well and let me work to get the chaos under control. I will not show chaos picture as it only makes me feel stressed again I think better to show part of the result. My sewing room does now also serve as a guestroom with nice bed I will show that side of the room when I have managed to get shelves and bedside table in place. Kids corner is easier to organize with the new shelves which I decorated with a nice wallpaper and painted the edges white I am happy with the result. 

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