Saturday, June 4, 2016

Granddad from Skopje

Loren's dad and the kids granddad farfar Dragan came to visit us from Skopje. Big deal to have him coming over. First time in Sweden. First time he is meeting Filip. And hundred years ago nearly or at least somewhere in the 90's he last flew an airplane. Him and his best friend both in their 80 was like two excited kids coming over. It was great to have them here with us for a few days. Filip utilized farfar fully taking him for walks around and around the garden. Mila was shy.
One day they took a walk without telling where, knowing the area or having a phone with them. After 3 and a half hour we were sure they were lost somewhere in the forest and getting ready to start the search. As we were jumping in the car they came walking down our road. One said they got lost the other one said that he knew all along where they were.
I hope they are soon coming over again so the kids can hang with their granddad and Loren with his dad. 

Also in this collage you can see that we finally managed to paint the back of the house. Great job done. High five to us!!

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