Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First week of June

Last week was such nice week. Loren had a week off from work. Summer sun and and very pleasant temperatures. Saturday I went off for my best friends hen do with excising, riding, eating, spa and more eating from early morning to the evening. It was a lot of organisation behind the day and I am happy it ended up even better then expected.
Sunday tired and stiff from all the activities the day before. Linnea my "co bridesmaid" for the wedding in August stayed with us and we were trying to make a few adjustments to our dresses. The rest of the day a nice relaxing family day before Loren picked up his dad from the airport. I did write about his stay in the last post did I not?!
Tuesday we went to check out an English day care. The plan is that the kids will start here this autumn three days a week. "Do you like the place? " We asked Mila "Yes" she said but when we asked her if she want to come back and go here this autumn she said "NO Thank YOU" It will be as hard for me to leave her a few days but she will find it great fun as soon as she gets into it I am sure and hope. Unexpectedly I got a fun job offer that I feel very excited about. I wasn't really looking for something right now but this kind of came to me. Nothing is signed yet but we have a verbal agreement so I think very soon it will be on paper also. I think it will be a great new start to work Monday to Wednesday and rest of the days with kids and projects at home. 
Wednesday after a day down to the lake we dropped Loren's dad off at the airport and picked Mila's Godfather Bojan up.
Thursday we finally got around to paint the backside of the house. Fantastic to have it done even if I will continue to add paint here and there but at least the main part of what needed to be done this year is done. Friday we headed to Örebro to show Bojan around and to search for shoes for Mila. She has grown like crazy lately and has no shoes that fits her.
Saturday assembly of new bbq that Loren got for his birthday and later we made burgers to test the new tool out.
Sunday we had a day at home and I managed to get Loren and Bojan to build two new planting boxes. Our Mr Sunshine was transformed to Mr Needy with a terrible delicate mood and only wanted to walk holding two hands round and round the garden. In the afternoon Loren head to Moscow and Bojan back to Skopje. 

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