Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer heat and Hat production

Summer heat here in Sweden at the moment. Its great and at the same time little stressful already June and actually the summer is here. SUMMER IS HERE and it is so short it is making me a little stressed to enjoy it as much as I possibly can. All the dark months up north we have been longing for light and nice temperatures that comes with these three magic months June, July and August. Or actually maybe not that tragic I do like May and most of all I love September and October. But still summer is short so we better enjoy it fully. Our new patio is helping us to make the enjoyment even higher as outdoor is now only a step away without hassle of shoes or too much organization involved. Just simply open the door and their it is the SUMMER and a lot of pollen and 4-5 small bikes for one little girl and toys that the dogs has stolen from the kids and now and then a half eaten mouse or a very cute and very dead squirrel.

Funny enough I have got orders of hats from friends and friends friends in Prague. I am creating hats every spare minute if I am not in the garden or just collapsing somewhere after busy days here with lots of visitors and things going on.

Here is some of them and also my fabric collection they are picking hats from.

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