Friday, June 10, 2016

Zita & Bozze the introduction

Zita and Bozze the dogs in the Team
 Born 22 January 2016
The exotic breed Puder Puff = Chinese crested dog but with fur.
My dad was talking about getting a dog as company. I did some research to make sure he picked a good dog. Found a kennel and sent my dad and uncle to take a look mid March and they came home with TWO. What we are gonna do with TWO dogs and how we are gonna cope with TWO dogs was the initial question. But in matter of fact as time is passing I realize that two is easier then one (apart from the obvious fact that two cost more then one in running cost) They are very happy having each other. They play, chill, hang out and are great together.
Zita is the black and white dog. She is the cocky one of them always on alert. She is busy keeping track of what is going on and making sure things is in order. She is Mila's favorite as she likes to participate in most of Mila's games. Zita as from day one loved our cat Levis and are trying very hard to make Levis to love her back. They are cute together and Levis bless him he is such good cat having no problem with two puppies enetring his life,
Bozze is Mr soft guy. Very cuddly and much more layed-back. He is bigger then Zita but also a big chicken runs and hide even from my mothers wild but younger puppy. Although he is not chicken when it comes to bringing in the cats hunting trophies half a rat, mouse and two squirrels. Bozze learned fast that it is great to stay close to Filip during meals. Not only does he get all food Filip drops on the floor Filip also loves to share food with Bozze leaning down and handing him things. The more I say no the better they seem to think so nowadays Bozze and Zita is sent out to wait while Filip eats. I think it is the love for food and to be mr nice guy Bozze has already learn to sit and wait and wait for commando before he is allowed to eat.

They are great dogs. Better then I expected I have to say. Very faithful friends. I can let them out in the garden and they are not even considering leaving. Keeping great track where I am but also totally fine being with my dad or whoever is home. Sweet with the kids. Not biting like most puppies. Easy to teach things. Couldn't ask for better dogs really.

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