Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden dreams

The benefits of having a garden are many and have been proven within different study areas and disciplines. To grow and take active part in the process from seed to plant is well-known to be good for your soul and well-being. During garden work our bodies produce more happy hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. It also reduces the stress level and makes you experience a great here and now feeling.. The physical work needed in order to control what is growing and where has a great effect on your body as well as your mind. After a long day running a round with a wheelbarrow, a rake, spade and other equipment’s a great satisfying feeling is spreading all around your body and you will fall asleep fast with a smile. Ok note that you might wake up sore here there and everywhere, but that’s the name of the garden game... Other benefits with a garden are of course all the fresh products you can harvest and enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Organic home-grown fruits and vegetables, I don’t think it can be better... Strawberries, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, zucchini, plums and yeah I think sky is the limit for what you can grow.

Team Nikolovski goes in green garden dreams. We are already planning what we would plant and how good our products would taste and what we would cook with what and how. One day our dream will come true, but for now we will keep dreaming and use or xl balcony for smaller projects.. We did get one strawberry this year and I have never eaten such a tasty strawberry in all my life...

This is my illustration and I have used the benefit that I can add whatever I want and added a cat in his dream.  However husband was not so worried about the cat, but wondered where his olive trees, grapes, greenhouse and chickens are?! No problem I will add these features on next picture, but be aware my dream includes a stable and a big field of horses..

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  1. Nice dreams, indeed......especialy part with tomatoes and chicken (read eggs :-))...