Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My favorite is back

I love the stories, books and illustrations about Pettson and Findus created by Sven Nordqvist. I am brought up with these characters and the books are just as good today as they were back in the day and also just as good for adults as for children.

Pettson is a farmer who lives together with his cat Findus out on the beautiful countryside. They live in a little red farmhouse, with a bunch of hens in the henhouse, ongoing crazy projects in the workshop and a woodshed full of small creatures. Their world is illustrated in a fascinating way, with many details and where small creatures can be found here there and everywhere. Every page is like a piece of art and each time I read the books I find new details or hidden creatures I haven’t noticed before. My favorite books are: The fox hunt and Pancakes for Findus. In total there are 9 books about Pettson and Findus and sold in 6 million copies worldwide in 44 languages. The last book came out 2001: When Findus was little & disappeared, this is ages ago and I even lost the hope that it will ever come more..

Yesterday the great news reached me, or actually I reached for the news. Finally a new book is here with release in a couple of weeks. “Findus moves out” is the title and I am very much looking forward to loose myself in Nordqvists great illustrations and story about the two sweetest literature characters I know.
Pettson och Findus,Illustration by Sven Nordqvist  

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