Friday, August 24, 2012

Possibilities, promises and poltics

I got the inspiration to this small and humble comic strip about possibilities, promises and politics from Swedish radio program, P1 Sommar. One of the moderators the new chairman of The Social Democrats made me thinks of education and the value or no value of it. The experience that life gives us is no doubt a super school. But really is that enough when it comes to knowing what is best for the country? My professor in Macroeconomics told me once something very wise, when I thought I understood inflation, monetary policy and Phillips curve " Still confused, but on a higher level"

Also some part of my inspiration which is kind of new to me comes from that I am actually getting more and more interested in politics and the effect of it. I should add that my newfound interest is mainly focus towards Sweden and all the political "sweep under the carpet" games that can be found there.. I would say that I can see things much clearer and afford to be more realistic from the distance in combination with a close up been-living-there knowledge. You might think that I am just negative and a lttle homesick..

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