Friday, August 10, 2012

In deep time thoughts

Isn't it amazing how the same amount of days and hours can feel so different?

A huge difference and feeling between going slow & taking forever to going fast & not having enough hours. From one week to another you don’t know what the feeling will be like even though what you for sure know is that the time counted in the actual amount of days and hours is exactly the same. At least that is was the clock and the calendar tells me and what I have been told to believe. Sometimes I wonder if it really is correct or we human beings, who think we know everything, has misunderstood the whole thing...But as long as I can’t prove anything different I have to believe it or else I will be classed as a total weirdo...

But maybe one sign that there is some truth in my theories is that it took me forever before I learned to read and understand the clock and what time is. I had a red cute arm watch with Mickey Mouse inside and yeah a lot of numbers and arrows. My poor parents tried and tried to explain me how the time system was working and asked me time related questions to check my knowledge. Half past, quarter to, quarter past, twenty to, ten past, yeah it all confused me big time... My parents eventually gave up and instead gave me a stopwatch. On the stopwatch they could set the time with an alarm when they wanted me back home. I had it hanging around my little neck and it gave me first a couple of warnings (kind of today’s snooze function on the phones, I love that function by the way) so I could start to make my way home, very handy and sometimes very annoying..

Today I know how to read the clock even though some people that know me would question this because of my tendency of always being a little late, but that is another topic for some other time...

Anyways, this week it feels like the days has run away. Already Friday today how is that possible?
It is a good job that I make little roadmaps for myself or at least for the project I am currently working on. Roadmaps works better for me than any clock or calendar and it is cuter. A roadmap shows where I am starting and where I want the road of work to take me. The only complaint is that neither roadmaps or calendars shows that week 32 would run much faster than week 31, but I guess I just have to live with it and this time magic...

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