Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happiness in a box...

Team Nikolovskis passion and enthusiasm for good food, products and fresh vegetables is a well-known fact. This is also a topic for discussions with people we meet around the world. When you start to discuss good organic products without chemicals and other stupidities, many people agree and/ or have a similar opinion that organic food is the way forward.
Not only does naturally grown products taste a lot better it is also better for you and for the environment, but I guess most people know that by now. Having said that even if people agree that organic product are better and that it is disgusting what companies do to products in order to make more money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they buy and eat organic food. Why? Because it is expensive? Because they are lazy? Because of their lack of knowledge? I have no answer to this question more than I would guess that it is a combination of many things including above mentioned. (I have many thoughts and theorise in this topic which I will come back to sometime soon.)

Team Nikolovski believe in the benefits of natural and organic product and we work pretty hard to find what we need. In Prague it is not always so easy, although it is getting better and better and also we are learning in which shop we can find the different products we need.
Germany is a truly organic paradise with special supermarkets and shops with not only organic produced products but also locally produced. As we are not that far away we go to Dresden once a month because we love that town and at the same time we can do some good organic grocery shopping.

We are also very lucky that we know such a nice people and colleagues around the world who are crazy enough to pack a box full of treasuries directly from the garden. What a surprise, a delivery with fresh products from a warm Greek garden. These kinds of deliveries are truly magic. A box full of Greek tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, olive oil, wine and olives. I have to specially mention the homemade kalamatas, my God I have never eaten such a great olives in all my life!!! It is like eating a piece of paradise...
Thank you very much family Papadopulos!!

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