Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here comes a suitcase full...

Husband Nikolovski went on a business trip to Israel a couple of weeks ago. I am not at all impressed that he has to go because of the instability in the region and the threats from different directions. Although I am pretty sure that the area isn’t half as dangerous as I imagine it. My vivid imagination is not always good for me…  I can tell you it was a great relief when he was heading back after a successful trip with happy customer and no crazy world wars starting..

As always he will come home with something nice or special (often a combination of both of course..) from the country or the specific region where he has been. I know I should be used to my husband’s great ideas by now, but I couldn’t help to get a little surprise when he opened the suitcase and pulled out 3, 5 kg of tomatoes..
Nice Ecological tomatoes from a farm outside Tel Aviv, with love carried back to Prague.  Team Nikolovski does consume ALOT of tomatoes and spends a substantial amount of time searching for ecological tomatoes, so why not buy a lot when finding them..
With sparkle in his eyes and with an enthusiasm greater than a kid at Christmas he spend time smelling, cutting and tasting the different types of tomatoes and making happy liking sounds and movements. Tomatoes are love and happiness!!  And they are very tasty!!

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