Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great place for Great husband

My Husband makes great tasty food
He creates magic in the kitchen
He makes everything taste like heaven even on a normal kind of boring Tuesday
His most important ingrediences are:
oliveoil, tomatoes, basil, fetacheese & alot of passion...

In a moving mood

Packing, Moving & Cleaning
All three things are not only boring but also hard work.
Hard work & boring, boring hard work is not a good combination.
But we managed pretty well...
Next time I am seriously thinking to outsource this process to someone or never to move again...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hamburger meeting

Nice company at a nice place. Great hamburgers & a few large beers...
We live to live....& enjoy it a lot!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The weekly Eco hunt ..

We LOVE tomatoes and consume alot of tomatoes.
Red sweet & soft but at the same time crunchy & firm
Great taste and very useful and good all day every day
Small, medium or large does not matter as long as they are Eco.
But on our weekly Eco hunt the tomatoes is without a doubt the hardest target..
In order to catch these vegetables as they are of a rare breed you have to be quick...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Same same, but big difference...

It lives two identical coffee percolators in the Nikolovski household.
Well to be correct they are not hundred procent identical, one is black and one is silver colored..
But the function and the usage area is the same = to make coffee..
Black, strong, fresh, nice, warm, tasty coffee...
Is it really possible that one makes better coffee then the other as Mr Nikolovski keeps saying?
Same same but big difference?!

I Love to buy Pears...

They look so nice and green in the shop
So tempting
Great color
I love to buy pears
The problem is that I very rarely eat the pears I buy
I buy just to wait until they go bad and then recycle them...
Why this is?  I have no idea because the taste is not bad at all..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Biggest nightmare.. or at least one of the biggest....

I don't do this shopping thing very well.
I get too warm or actually I get extremly sweaty..
I get stressed and not the most pleasant person to be around
I start to hate people and wants to hurt them badly...
And when I can't find what I need I feel very disapointed and upset..

Last weekend was the worst of the worst as I totally forgot that in January shops try to make people buy even more through something called SALE.
Sale here and sale there means Too much people everywhere...
People who is pushing, walking into you, smells, coughs, spreading germs, walking over you, standing on your toes or your hole foot & pushing infront of you....
The result = a very extra super sweaty, stressed & upset me..

(Yes my husband survived this experience...
Good for him that he knows how to handle me in all situations..)

Monday, January 9, 2012

In the hands of Google maps

One of many weekend activities - House searching.
Great day with extra super nice weather.
Take-away coffee in our white C3 called Sneska, ready for adventures.
With a printed copy of Google maps directions, ready for adventures...
In the hands of a Google map taking us on small, slippery roads with potholes in the middle of nowhere without any idea where the hell we are or where we are going..
Great experience, BUT my next purchase will be a traditional roadmap...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Husband a la Peter Pan

My Husband has just bought a new car...My Husband is happy... A red nice and shiny car.
A car made out of millions little Lego pieces that he has to figure out how to put together..
To see him work on his Lego projects makes me happy, proud and the luckiest girl who is married to a real life Peter Pan...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mirror Dilema a January morning

Is the person staring back at me this early January morning really me??
My blonde Highligts starting halfway down my dry, frizzy, fluffy hair. This hair is something far from something that can be called a hairstyle, more like a badhair day thats gone way out of control...
The blue tone around my eyes is matching the pale/grey skintone - is this the latest fashion for this season I wonder?? Maybe would look good together with a red lipstick or a pink scarf !? Wow also a giant spot decorating my chin,  big sore and I am sure it soon will start to talk...

I think the best option is to remove all the mirrors until spring and nicer weather is here - as an extreme make- over sounds a little too scary and too much hard work...

The Great Faces of PMS

A week full of me in so many different additions..
Monser attitude
Feeling like a meatball
Why ? 
Is this fair?  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year of 2012

Mr & Mrs Nikolovski spent New Year in Idre - enjoying some snow and cold fresh air..
2012 another year to make to most out of...