Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mila approaching 2 and things to remember

I made this illustration some time ago before our little Mila turned 2 years old as memory of her current interests. She is developing so fast at the moment with her language it is new words and cool sentences everyday. I heard somewhere that they pick up 10 new words per day in this age. To illustrate some of them is a way for me to remember as it is so easy to forget cool stuff too fast.

So since this was illustrated a lot has happened so this is a recap of Mila in November 2014 mainly for me ( proud mother with short memory) so you are excused if you don't feel like reading this...

  • She is still constantly singing or asking us to sing rock a bye baby ( Check it out on youtube... It is a super extra boring lullabye song if you ask me!!!) she also put toys in something and swings them back and forth as she sings. If me or Loren are asked to be involved in this game she will for sure get upset (very upset with crocodile tears and throwing herself of the floor kind of upset..) with us as we are simply to stupid to understand how you rock a baby properly. Lately she also wants us to draw rock a bye baby every time we are drawing together (which is everyday...) Is there no end in the tunnel of this rock a bye baby interest?

  • A grey day in October she sat by the table and load and clear said "Jättegott" (very tasty) as she was eating my delicious dish spaghetti and butter, that made my day. Not sure if I was mostly impressed that she can said jättegott or if it was because she actually liked my spaghetti.

  • Since we came to Moscow from Sweden in November where we spent some time after we moved from Prague Mila has everyday ( hundred millions times a day in fact..) told us that the dog is not allowed to eat her sandwich, her porridge, her yoghurt, her cockie etc etc.
      "Inte macka vovvov! " "Inte kaka vovvo!!" So as much as she and Chili dog don't get a long obviously she cant stop thinking about her (typical hate love relationship I guess). Slowly after a month with this firm statements every two minutes she is giving up on the poor dog.

  • One day while we were in Stockholm. Mormor Mi (grandmother) was driving and I was sitting next to her and Mila in the back seat. From out of the blue Mila from her seat  asked for"Sushi namnanam!". As she is not a big eater I am not sure if we were more chocked over the fact that she asked for food or if it was that she specifically asked for sushi. We stopped at Mörby centrum and ordered a sushi take away for this very Japanese influenced two year old just in time for going and spend time with her again..

  • Mila has a crush on Christmas and Santa. One of her first word ages ago was "tomte" (santa clause) and if you ask what Santa says she says "Hohooooo". She has one book about Christmas but apart from that one I have no idea where her passion from Christmas has come from! When she found my box with Xmas decorations she was overwhelmed and started to hang decorations an every piece of furniture in the apartment. So I gave in and let her put up a Christmas tree ( Fejka from IKEA so no mess with needles on the floor) on first of December!! (gahaa I don't even like Christmas trees)  She spent hours on her own decorating the three and when she was done she was laying below enjoying her tree and has spent hours during December reorganizing her tree and laying below it. I have only helped with lights and financed some glitter and new decorations.

    She has also learned to sing a long to 4 different Christmas songs, it sounds soooo cute when she sings and I am sooooo proud that she can sing that I nearly fall of my chair :) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank you Prague and see you later!

And so I finally found my camera in all moving mess and can do a short update what has happened lately. Lets move back a bit. End of October Team Nikolovski said bye bye to beautiful Prague. We have really enjoyed our time and made Prague our home so it was very emotional to pack and leave. I think it is the place that was the hardest for me to leave. The size of the city is perfect, the beauty and it is a very comfortable way of living. But hardest was to say bye to our friends that we have made and that Mila has grown side by side with since she is born and they have really become great friends. We have had such a great play dates and lunches and will miss it a lot. We knew that we most probably was not going to stay in Prague but even so hard to leave when you feel nice and comfortable somewhere. Prague will always have a special place in our hearts and will always follow Mila in her passport, you never know maybe we will be back one day, but for now Thank you very much Prague for great years. And to all our friends please come and visit us in Moscow and/or Sweden!