Friday, February 15, 2019

Surviving February and tips from Düsseldorf

It was a very grey and rainy second weekend of February. I know it is not only me feeling February is a little hard work some days when it is grey, cold, muddy or slippery outside and you feel tired, bored of winter, bored of nearly everything actually and it feels like spring will never come. Having said that I should really not complain that much as here in Düsseldorf the Winters are not that bad especially not as dark as up in Sweden and we can already feel spring is coming very soon. It helps thinking that is a little worst somewhere else ;) Doesn't matter where you are. If in Sweden I would say at least we have snow which is prettier then rain. And now living here I think we fortunate having longer days and more green and only snow for three days so far. I am kind of trying not to fall into the hating February trap or maybe I should do as Economy Professor Micael Dahlén embrace the fact that February is the worst month of the year - FY FAN FÖR FEBRUARI ( translated FUCK YOU FEBRUARY) is the name of his podcast. A new pod everyday during February with facts about February and ideas how to survive this dark and miserable month. But February is also a month when we can allow ourselves to calm down in the sofa, catch up on some series, read a book, wear a big woolen jumper and dream about up coming garden projects and beer garden season to open.. The podcast is called: fy fan för februari and is worth listening to if you speak Swedish...

How we are surviving February...
I had a great date with Filip 3,5 down town Düsseldorf on Saturday. We took the car, no traffic really on weekend = it only takes 15 minutes from home and we parked centrally.
We had lunch at What´s Pizza on Immermannstrasse 18. Great stone baked pizza and fresh lemonade in this nice modern restaurant. 

After lunch we had a walk around the city but the weather was pretty miserable, so we cheered ourselves up in Sostrene Grene. I bought some new notebooks as I am starting school this week and Filip found a bag of colorful plastic balls which he insisted on having ( the balls which I would never in a million year buy...)

After that we ha great coffee and a cinnamon bun at Copenhagen Coffee Lab a great cafe I got recommended by a friend here in Düsseldorf. Apart from good coffee and cool Scandinavian touch on the interior they also had tap water and glasses - other places here you always have to buy super expensive bottled water which is hurting me when the tap water is perfectly ok to drink. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Boxes of illustrations

During our Christmas break in Sweden I was going through my studio at Lundsätter.  There I have all my arts and crafts supply, paintings I have made, notebooks with stories and diaries, all my calenders saved, Illustrations I have drawn, photos I have taken and all sorts of stuff I have sewn.
We were sick most of our stay in Sweden so that gave me a chance to go through things ( not that I can trow things even if it might be needed no I like to reorganize my stuff and I am a true hoarder)  Also decide what I should bring to Germany as Loren was driving the car up and down this time.
I have boxes and boxes of illustrations I have made mainly used here in the blog 2012-2014 and I want to go through the pictures and maybe do something more with them.

Can I create a story from the pictures I already have is one thought also maybe make small prints and of course sort them and put them in Mila and Filip albums now when I have time. It so much fun to go through it all and I found the prints I made long time ago as postcards, so cute and and that was so much fun although I still haven't manage to create a little web shop to maybe sell on or two of them instead of collecting..