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Productive girls

The past few weeks have been busy here in the Nikolovski household. On top of everyday happenings I have been very productive creating hats, scarves & bibs. My sewing machine has gone warm and I even have muscle ache in my right buttock from all the acceleration on the sew machine pedal. Colorful fabrics has been turned into cute and wearable garments. Also I have ordered postcards of some of my illustrations, hard work to find good printing business for good prices and also to know what I actually want and how I want to print it. I have tried a few different and is more happy with some things and know for the future what and how to do it next time.  Little Mila is such a supportive little lady, while I work with my stuff she is fixing her stuff... That includes to put all her toys all over the room, pull every book from the selves she reaches, throw all the fruits from the fruit plate on the floor (also tasting here and there) change some settings on my computer, hide an

Memories, functionality, playdate & pottery all in one

A few weeks ago me and a couple of friends and babies returned to Maluj Kreatini Kavarna in Vinoradhy ( Prague) Here you can combined a good cup of coffee with creativity in pottery form. Also a playcorner although very dirty for the kids to entertain themselves. On the selves there is a lot of different pottery in different size and form that you can pick and choose what to create on. I decided to make a plate and bowl for and together with Mila. Mila cooperated and contributed with her hand-print, great way of remember this mini hand in years to come. Fun day for everyone mothers as well as babies, although mothers could've stayed a lot longer then the kids. The pottery got sent of for burning and glossing and yesterday I picked up the final products. It looks pretty cute and can't wait for next time..

My illustration and reflections in Bridge magazine

Here is my contribution and interpretation of expat life featured in Winter issue of Bridge magazine for IWAP ( International Women Association in Prague)