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24/52 Weekly update A stand at Kiwifalter Summerfest

I got asked if I wanted to have a stand at Kiwifalter Summer fest this week. Kiwifalter here in Düsseldorf is a family center which organizes gymnastic, dance, art classes and many other courses for all ages. I was happy to be asked and decided that even with super short notice I think I can get my stuff together.    It was a super super warm day +33 degrees but all went well and most popular was my hairbands Happy to bring my new earrings and Mila was a great helper  Some time ago me and a friend was planning a better display for my hats and found this pegboard in Ikea and together with a easel to hold it upright. I am very happy with this display so much nicer to see the hats then having them laying down. 

23/52 Weekly update Kaiserwerth history tour

This weekly update is going back to when my dad came and finally could visit us again after two year of  covid restrictions on and off here in Germany. Kristihimmelsfärd a bank-holiday weekend end of May. We had a very nice and relaxing time week together. The weather was good but not too hot. We went biking a lot to our stable, to Kalkum castle park and Kaiserwerth our small historical centrum only 10 minutes bike ride away. In Kaiserwerth we checked out the old imperial castle Kaiserpfalz  which dates back to before year 1016 and was once owned by holy roman Emporer Frederick Barbarossa. Strategical great position at the Rhein riverside to defend and protect the city from invaders. King Barbarossa during the 12th century introduced taxes for using the river waterways for transporting gods and could keep good track of the traffic of the river from the castle. Nearly all the ruins which can be seen today is from Barbarossas time.  Over the following centuries many groups were fighting

22/52 Weekly update Foamy clay makes earring production

It started with a big pack of foamy clay in mnay bright colors that I had bought for the kids. One day Mila had made a big pink round thing with different colors and shapes on top of it and I thought it looked super cool. That night I was laying thinking that maybe I could copy Mila's idea just to make it a bit smaller and make earrings. I used to make earrings many years ago so I still have all the equipment and some earring hooks left so next morning I started working with kids foamy clay  These earrings below are the first earrings I made. The foam clay dries in the air and are super super light. Actually that light that when I used mine and it was windy outside they nearly flew out of my ears. So I figured out that it would be better to fasten these typ of material on a stud instead of hanging down. What I also come to think of was to add a layer of lack gloss to protect them from from melting in water ( I always shower with my earrings so they need to resist water)  I started

21/52 Weekly update Studio view and hairbands

Ever so often I need to reorganize all my stuff, thoroughly clean and move furnitures around before I get a peace and inspiration to create. Thats all been done downstairs and upstairs. Now my tall working table is facing out to the balcony and the Grüne Mitte park it looks cute and great view. I have filled my table with parts for creating new hairbands. Cutting fabric strips, sewing, braiding and then mounting them on a satin headband. Very satisfying work and yes I do like the result. What do you think of my new braided bands? - I will try to get some pictures to update of when they are worn. 

20/52 Weekly update How about Covid-19 these days

So how is it going with Covid- 19 in Germany - North rhine-westphalia ?  To be honest I am not following things that much as in I have no clue about the amount of infected or treated in the hospitals for a very long time. Maybe it is not even being reportered anymore now when we have the war to report about.  When it comes to restrictions in our everyday lives the restrictions have been easing up more and more during the spring and mainly after Easter. When we came back from Easter-break in Sweden we didn't need to show proof of vaccination or quarantine to enter the country.  Also during April the mandatory face-masks in supermarkets was lifted ( the rule started I would say April 2020 and been constant through the pandemic)  First time I entered the shop without mask here in Germany was end of April and I felt like a rebellious anarchist and I was sure someone would tell me off for not wearing a mask because honestly 98% of the people wore masks and also they do like to tell peop

25/52 Weekly update Colorful summer gifts

 I prepared for Lorens trip to Canada and US some colorful summer gifts to hie relatives and close colleauges family