Monday, May 22, 2017

Mr Sunshine turning 2 years old

A bit late update..
Team Nikolovski has had a great weekend with a lot of birthday celebrations for our little Mr Sunshine who turned 2 years old. 2 years old and such a great little character and really our bright mr sunshine. Sometimes we wonder how it is even possible that we managed to get such happy kid with the most catching smile.
He is strong willed little boy with a mind of his own. His Santa pyjamas on this picture is hard to ask him to take off and drama when it needs to be washed. "Aaaa" he calls it and gets very angry that he can't have aaaa all day every day. Is interest is driving around on the bobby car or pushing little stroller around filled up with his tools. Shoes is another interest of his. He likes walking around in my, Lorens or Milas shoes and sometimes different sizes and shapes of shoes at the same time.
At the moment he climbs everything. Pushing chairs around and climbing up on kitchen top or tables. Eating sitting on top of the table otherwise it is drama. Favorite place is in the window in the kitchen checking if his pappa is coming home or eating his snacks there. He loves cheese doodles and chocolate. He reads Bamse while sitting on potty, or has his mum, dad or big sister reading Bamse for him while being on the potty. Walks over to his granddad to asking him to take him on the ATV or walking with him to the mailbox and back. Tries to ride Bozze the dog and Levis the cat, so far not managed. Eats Bozze and Levis food when he get the chance.
Happy Birthday Filip!!