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Weekly update 12/52 Summer weather

 Last week was amazing. Düsseldorf got sun and summer temperatures. We sprung to life. It is a life after winter after all (although mild winter here it is still winter) Nature is waking up. Birds, bees and flowers are busy. The Grüne Mitte park just a cross the street from us are full of happy kids and happy parents all afternoons. And all the Magnolia and cherry trees are blossoming and it is all so beautiful. That I had to buy antihistamin for the high pollen count doesn't matter. I have been able to sit outside in the backyard in t-shirt and shorts zipping coffee and threading my Easter bunnies. I am tanned like I have been on vacation for a week. Lets enjoy this. Lets enjoy nature and the small things that makes you happy. To look away from screens and depressing news and enjoy the nature and when brown and grey becomes green in many cool nuances. 

Weekly update 11/52 Easter Bunnies in the making

We have been home with a cold on and off for the past two weeks not bad but it was dragging. Now we are all better and trying to build up energy again and to enjoy the beautiful sunny spring weather here in Düsseldorf. Open-air Easter spring market is coming up and I am making some new products for this market. Easter Bunny bags for example. It took sometime to figure out how to make them but now I have a good idea how I want them to look and in which order to sew the different parts. And good paint a 3D which is even washable to draw the face with. If I might say it myself I think they are pretty cute. Great little Easter gift bag. In Sweden we give Easter Eggs in many various sizes ( made in paper which can be opened and we fill them with sweets ) but why not use a Easter bunny bag this year or even both.  I also got a feeling that I would like some new Düsseldorf postcards printed so I started painted a new version. Lets see how it turns out. 

Weekly update 10/52 Overwhelmed

The war in Ukraine started Friday 24/2 and all war are horrible, unnecessary and causes so much pain. I was thinking and hoping that the conflict would not reach this level and it was a bit of a shock to wake up to the news of that an invasion started. I am also disappointed because I was hoping Russia would manage to hold back against provocations from west and that this could be solved in a diplomatic way. I am strongly against war and against Russia invading Ukraine. But also upset that media is not showing both sides of the conflict or at least a nuance. Propaganda is heavy from both sides in this conflict but we are blindly seeing what they want us to see just like with covid. Some pictures which has gone viral should have been source checked better, unfair to publish pictures from documentaries and from other conflicts. Or maybe even more so I have issues with the moral dilemma of that countries and politics are pointing fingers how bad this is when their is so much shit going on