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Weekend creativity

I got into a sewing flow this weekend. I have prepared for the coming baby with a cute babynest and a cute little madras for the stroller ( I will show when I manage to take a good picture..) But on top of this I also finished my pink ECO elephant hats that I cut a while back and was just waiting to be put together.  I have never made baby baby hats before but found on Pintrest some cute styles that I thought I would try. I now need a baby to try if the sizes are ok and if they sit good on the little once heads. I finally used a little piece of my very nice blue with colorful flowers Lillestoff ECO fabric which I have not found the perfect project for before now. But of all what I created I am the most excited over a new colorful and funky cotton dress for Mila. I drew a template a while back for a little dress in pretty classical cut. I made it pretty short as dresses can most of the time be a pain in the ass if you want to play and have fun so I think for kids it is important to

Swedish spring

Yes spring is here and the green explosion has started It is a special season after a long dark and cold winter here up north and especially for Team Nikolovski who experienced a long cold Russian winter for the first time We have had great sunny weather this last few days and it feels great apart from that 2/3 of Team Nikolovski is full of a cold and I am feeling pretty heavy with this big baby bump. Here is some of our pictures from last weekend when we went out enjoying Sweden's most important spring sign the white flowers, vitsippor, I think anemones in English.

Recycling cats

As you might know I love to reuse materials and products. It is a great feeling to make something old into something new and fun. We live in such consumer society were everything should be cheap instead of long lasting quality made by people who got fair payment in good work conditions. Hallelujah! No I am not a saint just as bad as everybody else consuming too much. But trying to at least pretend that I am trying to make semi good choices and also reusing materials for my projects.. I think I have shown my husbands well worn t-shirts in new format before.. I use textile paint which can be washed in washing machine to create my figures ( recently mainly cats) the paint is not that easy to paint details with so sometimes I also use textile pens. I use these small pattern patches to stich on as decoration on clothing or in this case small handbag for cat crazy 2 year old.

Bump update

Team Nikolovski is waiting for new member and we are ready!  Please come along soonest!


Sometimes when I am in an active sewing phase I do not only create hats but also dresses, tunics and a shorts. Here is some of my creations created this year. It is fun to match colors and patterns and the dresses are very useful for small active kids. 

Dagis vs Förskola a lesson in Swedish political correctness

I have been thinking to write this post since I arrived to Sweden and Mila started at daycare here. This is a post about marketing, linguistic development, Swedish political correctness and whether or not we have to change. And what this got to do with daycare you might wonder.. When I was a kid ( 30 years ago) I went to daycare and we all called it dagis in swedish (cute short easy to say term that everyone used for daycare/kindergarten) I loved my dagis and my dagis teacher and I have a lot of great memories from this time. I am not sure about exactly when but a few years ago it became big no no to call dagis dagis. This super important role that all the people have taking care of kids is (or was?) a low paid job as it is dominated by women. And I guess as a strategy trying to higher the status and the salaries was to start to use the name förskola //preschool//  ( which previously was mainly used for the year just before you actually start school at 7) and a higher criteria t

My creative paradise

 Lundsätter ( our country-house) is my creative paradise. Not only do I feel extra creative here in the forest I also have the space and the freedom to experiment as much as I want. I can experiment and express in so many different materials, colors, techniques, indoor as well as outdoor. Everything in this house is far from mainstream, normal or lagom (moderate). Not following trends and not following that things has to match or that less is more. Things at Lundsätter is colorful, fun and creative just like I want it and how I want it. I am changing and try new things when I feel like it. New projects are constantly started here some more successful then others and some gets finalized and some just half made for future continuation.  y passion for the great vibrant color turquoise/aqua is visible here and there. It started with a little stool and has expanded to be the main color on the kitchen island. This morning me and Mila was going crazy with the paint brush doing the second

Easter in pictures

Team Nikolovski had a great Easter weekend together at Lundsätter. Felt so good to be all together after a few weeks a part. Mila was painting some eggs for breakfast and of course dressed as a very cute Easter witch  In the forest Easter rabbit had left nice Easter eggs and the sun was shining on us 

Dagis// Daycare germs in the house

We decided to enroll Mila to dagis/daycare here in Sweden. She was excited to start. I had explained what you do at dagis so she could prepare for the big new step in her life. First day was great everything I had promised was fulfilled. Dolls, singing, swing-set and eating fruit. For me it was harder, am I really ready to leave her ( I know only 3 hours a day but she is my great sweet companion and baby..) Also scared of all the snotty noses and germs flying around. First introduction week was great she was so excited to go and by the end of the week she even forgot about me for a minute or two.  But of course I managed to catch all the nasty germs during our first dagis week... God damn it for these nasty kids germs. I can't remember last time I was ill and now pregnant in week 36 I had to get this coughing like I thought I would cough up the baby.. Yes I have been feeling very sorry for myself but now lets look forward and hope April will treat us well and n