Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend creativity

I got into a sewing flow this weekend. I have prepared for the coming baby with a cute babynest and a cute little madras for the stroller ( I will show when I manage to take a good picture..) But on top of this I also finished my pink ECO elephant hats that I cut a while back and was just waiting to be put together. 
I have never made baby baby hats before but found on Pintrest some cute styles that I thought I would try. I now need a baby to try if the sizes are ok and if they sit good on the little once heads. I finally used a little piece of my very nice blue with colorful flowers Lillestoff ECO fabric which I have not found the perfect project for before now.

But of all what I created I am the most excited over a new colorful and funky cotton dress for Mila. I drew a template a while back for a little dress in pretty classical cut. I made it pretty short as dresses can most of the time be a pain in the ass if you want to play and have fun so I think for kids it is important to keep them nice and usable to go with tights. 

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