Thursday, June 23, 2016


On Monday me, kids, my sister and her boyfriend headed to Kålmården. Kålmården is a wildlife park covering 1,5 square km and home to over 600 animals from all over the world. The park has something for the whole family dolphin show, carousel and theater in Bamse world, cable car safari and much more. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scandinavia. Thats why we decided to go now before the big summer holiday weeks start and t will be to crowded. The entrance fee is pretty steep but to be fair we spend 6 hours and didn't manage to see everything. It is a well put together park and worth a visit.

We decided the evening before to bring pack lunch. I mean we are anyways spending lots of money on tickets so no way are they this time  overcharging me for food also ( adults points to me...). Taco pie and sallad and cinnamon buns and home made chocolate balls. My sister was worried that it might not be allowed to bring picnic and as she is a very much of a following rules kind of person it was fun to make jokes about how they will have special forces controlling no picnic. We made a lot of these kind of jokes.

We started the day with visiting and saying hi normal not very exotic farm animals such as sheep and goats. And summing up the day in the end Mila put this as one on her top experiences of the day. Filip also enjoyed trying to walk into the goats and pulling their long ears.

In Bamse world we saw a theater,  did a couple of carousel rides and Mila was brave enough to hug Bamse after Jacob hugged him and also threatening Bamse that he better be nice to Mila. The sun came out and all dark clouds just disapear which would have been great news if it wasn't for the fact that I decided to change shorts for long dark pants and rain jacket and left sun screen in the car.

I was already thinking about our delicious picnic pie after half an hour in the park. I did get reminded of it as the red union in my back-pack was smelling strong every movement I did.

Such great mood on all of us upon till a point when Filip got too tired but of course didn't want to miss the fun. As happy he is as unhappy he can become when too tired. Over all we had fantastic day all of us.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Falling out with a wardrobe

We had this big wardrobe for all our cloths... This wardrobe pissed me off for the last time last week. Me and my dad tried to fix the problem with the doors once and for all. We spent 40 min trying to figure out the issue and then we lost it. Looked at each other and unison said "let's get rid of it!!" With screwdriver, crowbar and hard work we dismantled and carried the wardrobe out in pieces. Yes it felt good until I realized what a mess we had created. Cloths EVERYWHERE and nowhere to place them now... So we started next project to make shelves in the sauna which is a small room with a lot of cloths more then a sauna.. Squeeze in closet and It is as pretty as it sounds.. At the same time I also started project to build shelves in the kids corner down stairs and to reorganize the small room where the wardrobe got pulled out from. Can you imagine the mess... I was cursing myself why do I always start big moving around projects like this and how the hell will I manage to get things back in order.. Luckily the kids cooperated pretty well and let me work to get the chaos under control. I will not show chaos picture as it only makes me feel stressed again I think better to show part of the result. My sewing room does now also serve as a guestroom with nice bed I will show that side of the room when I have managed to get shelves and bedside table in place. Kids corner is easier to organize with the new shelves which I decorated with a nice wallpaper and painted the edges white I am happy with the result. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

From my sketchbook an early morning water war

I continue my sketchbook journal with an illustration from yesterday morning. I was in the bathroom getting ready to head in to town when the war out on our patio kicked off. My dad had just woken up came over to say good morning and I handed him Filip to look after while I got ready. They were sitting together when Mila came and attacked them with her water gun. To attack granddad and little brother before granddad even had had his breakfast is not a good idea.... He took the water gun from Mila and sprayed her back. AND the war had broken out.. I have never seen Mila so angry.. She came in and screamed "I am gonna hit granddad!!!" "Mamma give the fly flapper I gonna hit granddad with it!!" She was so angry and I know very irritating with a mother who laughs in these situations but it was all just sounding too funny.  After a few minutes all sides calmed down and Mila apologized and granddad apologized and the peace agreement got signed with a hug.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New sketchbook

I have bought a new sketch book. I love buying pens, pencils, papers and sketchbooks. This sketchbook is going to be my new illustration journal where the plan is to draw thoughts, adventures or everyday happenings here and there. I would love to say and to commit to do an illustration a day but that is just not realistic with everything else that needs to get done in life with two kids, two dogs, house and garden.. 

My first drawing is from what I do at the moment all day from morning to evening at least if I want to keep Filip happy... Filip is 1 year and is practicing to walk and need me as support. Great for my back and already bad posture... NOT... Mila is riding around the garden on her horse "Hello Kitty" we have buildt a jumping course and I am appointed judge.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zita & Bozze the introduction

Zita and Bozze the dogs in the Team
 Born 22 January 2016
The exotic breed Puder Puff = Chinese crested dog but with fur.
My dad was talking about getting a dog as company. I did some research to make sure he picked a good dog. Found a kennel and sent my dad and uncle to take a look mid March and they came home with TWO. What we are gonna do with TWO dogs and how we are gonna cope with TWO dogs was the initial question. But in matter of fact as time is passing I realize that two is easier then one (apart from the obvious fact that two cost more then one in running cost) They are very happy having each other. They play, chill, hang out and are great together.
Zita is the black and white dog. She is the cocky one of them always on alert. She is busy keeping track of what is going on and making sure things is in order. She is Mila's favorite as she likes to participate in most of Mila's games. Zita as from day one loved our cat Levis and are trying very hard to make Levis to love her back. They are cute together and Levis bless him he is such good cat having no problem with two puppies enetring his life,
Bozze is Mr soft guy. Very cuddly and much more layed-back. He is bigger then Zita but also a big chicken runs and hide even from my mothers wild but younger puppy. Although he is not chicken when it comes to bringing in the cats hunting trophies half a rat, mouse and two squirrels. Bozze learned fast that it is great to stay close to Filip during meals. Not only does he get all food Filip drops on the floor Filip also loves to share food with Bozze leaning down and handing him things. The more I say no the better they seem to think so nowadays Bozze and Zita is sent out to wait while Filip eats. I think it is the love for food and to be mr nice guy Bozze has already learn to sit and wait and wait for commando before he is allowed to eat.

They are great dogs. Better then I expected I have to say. Very faithful friends. I can let them out in the garden and they are not even considering leaving. Keeping great track where I am but also totally fine being with my dad or whoever is home. Sweet with the kids. Not biting like most puppies. Easy to teach things. Couldn't ask for better dogs really.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First week of June

Last week was such nice week. Loren had a week off from work. Summer sun and and very pleasant temperatures. Saturday I went off for my best friends hen do with excising, riding, eating, spa and more eating from early morning to the evening. It was a lot of organisation behind the day and I am happy it ended up even better then expected.
Sunday tired and stiff from all the activities the day before. Linnea my "co bridesmaid" for the wedding in August stayed with us and we were trying to make a few adjustments to our dresses. The rest of the day a nice relaxing family day before Loren picked up his dad from the airport. I did write about his stay in the last post did I not?!
Tuesday we went to check out an English day care. The plan is that the kids will start here this autumn three days a week. "Do you like the place? " We asked Mila "Yes" she said but when we asked her if she want to come back and go here this autumn she said "NO Thank YOU" It will be as hard for me to leave her a few days but she will find it great fun as soon as she gets into it I am sure and hope. Unexpectedly I got a fun job offer that I feel very excited about. I wasn't really looking for something right now but this kind of came to me. Nothing is signed yet but we have a verbal agreement so I think very soon it will be on paper also. I think it will be a great new start to work Monday to Wednesday and rest of the days with kids and projects at home. 
Wednesday after a day down to the lake we dropped Loren's dad off at the airport and picked Mila's Godfather Bojan up.
Thursday we finally got around to paint the backside of the house. Fantastic to have it done even if I will continue to add paint here and there but at least the main part of what needed to be done this year is done. Friday we headed to Örebro to show Bojan around and to search for shoes for Mila. She has grown like crazy lately and has no shoes that fits her.
Saturday assembly of new bbq that Loren got for his birthday and later we made burgers to test the new tool out.
Sunday we had a day at home and I managed to get Loren and Bojan to build two new planting boxes. Our Mr Sunshine was transformed to Mr Needy with a terrible delicate mood and only wanted to walk holding two hands round and round the garden. In the afternoon Loren head to Moscow and Bojan back to Skopje. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Granddad from Skopje

Loren's dad and the kids granddad farfar Dragan came to visit us from Skopje. Big deal to have him coming over. First time in Sweden. First time he is meeting Filip. And hundred years ago nearly or at least somewhere in the 90's he last flew an airplane. Him and his best friend both in their 80 was like two excited kids coming over. It was great to have them here with us for a few days. Filip utilized farfar fully taking him for walks around and around the garden. Mila was shy.
One day they took a walk without telling where, knowing the area or having a phone with them. After 3 and a half hour we were sure they were lost somewhere in the forest and getting ready to start the search. As we were jumping in the car they came walking down our road. One said they got lost the other one said that he knew all along where they were.
I hope they are soon coming over again so the kids can hang with their granddad and Loren with his dad. 

Also in this collage you can see that we finally managed to paint the back of the house. Great job done. High five to us!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer heat and Hat production

Summer heat here in Sweden at the moment. Its great and at the same time little stressful already June and actually the summer is here. SUMMER IS HERE and it is so short it is making me a little stressed to enjoy it as much as I possibly can. All the dark months up north we have been longing for light and nice temperatures that comes with these three magic months June, July and August. Or actually maybe not that tragic I do like May and most of all I love September and October. But still summer is short so we better enjoy it fully. Our new patio is helping us to make the enjoyment even higher as outdoor is now only a step away without hassle of shoes or too much organization involved. Just simply open the door and their it is the SUMMER and a lot of pollen and 4-5 small bikes for one little girl and toys that the dogs has stolen from the kids and now and then a half eaten mouse or a very cute and very dead squirrel.

Funny enough I have got orders of hats from friends and friends friends in Prague. I am creating hats every spare minute if I am not in the garden or just collapsing somewhere after busy days here with lots of visitors and things going on.

Here is some of them and also my fabric collection they are picking hats from.