Friday, April 26, 2019

Lethna in Prague

I started this post about one of our favorite spots in Prague, Lethna, I think roughly four years ago. I was putting together pictures from different seasons from Lethna and the best view of Prague. When we lived in Prague we spend a lot of time up here in the beergarten, in the playground, walking through the park, showing family and friends the view etc etc. Every season in Lethna is special. Here is some of the pictures I have taken from different seasons, although missing pictures from spring and summer when the beergarten are full of people and dogs which is the most common view of Lethna.
Lethna Park / Letenské Sady is a large park on top of Lethna hill looking down on Pragues beautiful historic center and Vltava River and besides Prague Castle. The hill is in Holesovice and Bubenec quarters of Prague 7. On one side of the park you find a big and popular beergarten with  a great view and on the otherside of the park an open space where today you find a lot of people on skate-boards. Back in the day the biggest statue of Stalin was raised here but torn down after only a few years and on its place a big Metronome was placed which is here today. A great playground for kids can be found on the side facing Sparta fotballstadium and the open grass area where circus tents are put up during the summer. You can reach Lethna from differnet directions, taking the tram up, walking the steep stairs or from the back - Holesovice area.

Last week Team Nikolovski returned to Prague for a few days and we had a great stay although the spring had taken a break and it was really cold, but we had luckily brought down jackets and hats.
Here is a couple of new Lethna pictures

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring flowers

Spring has come to Düsseldorf - trees are blossoming and trees are faster and faster transforming from brown to bright lime green. The garden has a lot of spring flowers and yes this season is pretty magical. On the flower theme I made these big (A3) colorful illustrations some time ago. I love when I get an idea and the illustration comes out so easy and fun without having to think. I like the fantasy and playfulness in these two floral worlds.