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It was a couple of months ago we started to dream about a girls-night-out. A few hours without the babies.  A night were we can wear a dress or any other clothing were the food supply is well hidden and no easy access (I am even considering a turtleneck even though it is boiling outside ). A night when we will zip on a cocktail ( not a huge cocktail fan but simply made a better dream picture than a beer..) Time is flying and tonight is the night when we are doing all the above. I am now heading to meet up with Carly, Miki & Monica to have a great night without babies but for sure a lot of discussions about them.

Organizational structure

As we are entering Q3 2013, Team Nikolovski is now making the new organizational structure official. We go from a flat organization to a very hierarchical organization. Mila Kristina Nikolovski is a small but powerful boss on the top. Maria Cecilia Book Nikolovski assistant and operational manager of the food supply. Mr Loren Nikolovski assistant and manager of diapers and entertainment. Lates important decission taken by the boss is that nighttime snacking is totally aloud and something she wants to continue with for at least Q3 & Q4 2013.

Forecast or no forecast...

Talking about rain.. There is so many different approaches to weather forecasts. Mr Nikolovski put his trust in the Norwegians, is without a doubt one of his most visited webpage. My friend Miki put her trust into her phone. " My phone says it will be nice weather on Wednesday" makes me laugh.. But.. Am I the only stupid one that just looks through the window and end up either too cold, too warm or too wet ?

Too much rain makes too much water...

First week of June dark clouds came and the raindrops started to fall over Prague.. It rained and rained. Not this nice drizzling summer rain no no this was heavy no-mercy type of rain were the water just kept pouring down. Cold miserable rain that had no intention of stopping. And it didn't stop it just kept raining. The water levels got higher and higher. It flood over and the country got put in catastrophe mode. Roads, metros, bridges, parks and schools got closed. Poor beautiful Prague and poor all the people effected by the floods. Under första veckan av juni hopade sig mörka moln över Prag. Regndropparna började falla. Dropparna förvandlades till spöregn och spöregnet bara fortsatte och fortsatte. När jag säger spöregn så menar jag just kallt vått spöregn och inte ljummet sommarregn som man annars kan förvänta sig i juni. Regnet bara fortsatte dag in och ut. Miserabelt och vattennivåerna steg allt högre. Prag klarade inte mer och svämmade över. Katastrof tillstånd. Vägar,

Town-life collection

Houses has always inspired me and been created in my drawing-pads over and over again. Fantasy mushroom houses, troll houses and typical Swedish red farmhouses with stables and a green garden. I also remember one summer when I was around 13 years old and worked all summer with a view of a little street with French type buildings and a cute café with green chairs. While I draw I am living there at that place in that house, on that farm or walking that street. I can smell the grass, the coffee, I know how it looks inside and what life is like in that painting. I love to enter to my creative dream worlds. Lately I have again started to draw houses and this time it is very influence by town-life and my sceneries while walking the streets of Prague. Prague has amazingly beautiful facades in different styles and colors and decorated with many impressive statues. Does this means that I am really living in my creative dream world? This painting is currently displayed at a new modern