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Showing posts from December, 2016

Christmas present for dear friend

Christmas came and passed so fast this year. I never really got Christmas feeling although I did enjoy it very much. But not so very crisp Christmasy when it is 8 degres outside and kind of spring in the air. I started drawing Christmas cards in October but never managed to get anything done or send any... However I did manage to create one Christmas present this year. This is a family portrait of my dear friend and her family. 

Sketchbook journal: Halloween

I am truly crap in writing lately. Not that I am not creating things or pre-thinking what I am planning to write or lacking funny stories to write.. But I just simply doesn't manage to put pen on paper. I know not end of the day but kind of feel bad if I let go of my blog it is my way of getting me writing and being creative in words together with my illustrations. Ok enough about that... Here is not a vey new post but I never got a round to post it so here it goes.. This is a memory from 2016 Halloween. Last year we were in Ivakino Moscow and the kids were ringing on our door bell every two minutes asking trick or treat. AND I had forgotten to by sweets. It was going on for hours and at first I found sweets that we had got from the company for Christmas the year before but after given away last bits of chocolate, nuts and fruit it felt like a never ending nightmare. This year back in Sweden no trick or treat as we live million miles out in the forrest and no kids can get here.