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Bag lady

Mila 14 month is showing strong interest for handbags. I hardly have any handbags but more practical sack kind of looking bags. But I do have one silver colored cute handbag which I have inherited from my grandmother. And this handbag she is putting on her arm and walking around with looking very important. How she knows how to carry a handbag in this ladylike way I have not a clue, certainly not from me.. Yesterday when we were out she borrowed a friends little bag and I decided that she needed a bag of her own that she can fill with whatever she fancy and that she can take out with her. And so I made her one. Black and white cotton fabric from IKEA, a black and white fabric tape I have saved for special occasion ( I think I got it around a present years and years ago) and a pink fabric flower that I bought on a Christmas market in Dresden handmade of Jana Gebhardt. Velcro fastening.

Colorful cats

My drawing pads are full of colorful cats. Here is some of the latest in the collection. Mila did a taste check in top corner of the purple/orange one, I hope it tasted good..

Prague view: John Lennon wall

Saturday was sunny and warm, like spring in the air. On a nice long Prague walk me and a friend paid the John Lennon wall a visit. I love street art and especially this wall. This wall was once upon a time a normal wall in Prague, but since the 80th it has been filled with graffiti inspired by John Lennon. Here you can find quotes, pictures, words and a lot of young tourists. The wall is a symbol of freedom against the communistic regime and was created by youth in Prague. Follow the death of John Lennon they wanted a place to come to to remember the man they admired for his fight for peace, freedom and equality. It became a place to grieve and also to express their opinions about the regime. This was of course forbidden and so the art was created during the nights. Even when the wall was over and over repainted by authorities, the next day it would be full of colorful lyrics, flowers and hearts by the next day. The original paintings are long gone and every time I go here the wa

Team Nikolovski Plaza Tour 1

Welcome home to Team Nikolovski here you find toys spread around the living room, books pulled from the shelves and spread around the living room as well as magazines teared apart and half eaten also spread around the living room. However lets focus on the walls and this time #myart in the hallway. Here you find my colorful pattern design in simple IKEA frames accompanied with an handmade angel I fell in love with at Divadlo Minor (a theather here in Prague with a cute little shop) Guidad tur i Nikolovski Plaza tittar man upp och bort från leksaker, böcker och smulor på golven finner man mina verk på väggarna.      

Mind of her own

I don't know where she has got her strong will from... (Mr Nikolovski maybe you have any ideas?!) I thought she would be a baby baby for ever and ever. But she is becoming a strong willed little kid for each day. Since a couple of months back she shakes her little head and says no. Actually she is showing with her whole body when she means NO and she is using this power of NO frequently. NO to food (most of the time) NO to give pappa a kiss or hug (most of the time) and NO to go to bed. Well thinking about it the NO list can be made long. With tricks and bribes ( watching P!nk videos) most NO's can be turned in to yes (for now..) What she also started around the same time was to put her little finger to her mouth, looking at me and saying SSSHHH!! Where she has picked this up from I don't know but what I do know is that she is utilizing this more and more. Most often used when I sing ( I know I might not be the best singer in the world but I mean I am not that bad..) I w


  I have printed some of my illustration in smaller formats and made postcards out of them. I have cut out the illustrations with a  zigzag pair of scissors and with help from cute Japanese washi tape put them onto high quality double folded postcards. This collection is on the animal theme and I have four different motives. A lot of Scandinavian influences as well as all the dogs in Prague that has inspired me.  They are sold in a cute package with 5 mixed motives and colors ( or by request what colors and motives you prefer) and matching envelops. They cost 9 EUR ( 200 CZK & 100 SEK) Interested send me a email to

Recycling project

Finally Mr Nikolovski decided to through out a whole bunch of his old t-shirts. Wash out & well worn t-shirts with yellow mining machines a cross the chest. They were more then ready to be binned after heavy usage. I should be happy, but instead this weird thing happens like every time when I am sorting out old cloths. I ask myself the question "are they really ready to be gone forever?" and I take the pile of old t-shirts and look through them thoroughly.  This time I decided to utilize them for one of my many sewing projects. These old t-shirts got turned in to little sweatshirts for Mila. Recycling is good and I am following the slogan "Please reuse waste reduce" Even Mila seems pretty happy with her new garments